1024 x 768 Display Resolution on External Monitor

Limited Display Resolution

Recently, my computer started to set my 4k monitor resolution to 1024 x 768. Not kidding! My solution was to disable and enable the Display Adapter.

How to fix your Display Resolution in 4 easy steps:

1. Open Device Manager by going the Start Menu and searching for ‘Device Manager‘.

2. Find the display adapter and right-click to select, ‘Disable device‘.

Device Manager - Display Adapter
Device Manager – Display Adapter

3. Select Yes‘ when prompted.

Display Adapter Disable Prompt
Display Adapter Disable Prompt

4. Right-click and select ‘Enable Device‘.

Display Adapter > Enable Device” class=”wp-image-264″/><figcaption>Display Adapter – Enable Device</figcaption></figure></div>

<p><strong>5</strong><em>Right-click</em> on desktop, <em>select </em>‘<strong>Display Settings</strong>‘</p>

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Verify Display Settings resolution
Verify Display Settings Resolution

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