I moved my Git repo to a new folder and now I’m getting a ton of modified files, help!

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I’m running Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10. I downloaded a Git repo under the WSL mount. I noticed that whenever I used Windows/Visual Studio Code to save files, the permissions would reset to 000. I spoke with a colleague and his setup was different than mine.

I had the Git repo inside WSL mount.

His Git repo was on the Windows/C-drive mount and he had a soft-link to the repo. He did not face the permission issue.

So after I pushed out my latest changes, I decided to move my repo. This was the easy part. I made a softlink using

ln /directory/ /linkdirectory/

However, after the repo was moved and I modified one file, it was a bit unnerving to find out that ALL the files were listed as modified. I browsed around and saw that this could’ve been due to the line-endings on Linux vs. Windows.

It wasn’t until I updated these two settings that the rotten state in Denmark became a happy state:

git config core.autocrlf true
git config core.filemode false

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