Import a WordPress MySQL Database using WordPress Buddy+ on Azure App Service


This post discusses how to use the Azure Web App Site Extension, WordPress Buddy+, to import a WordPress MySQL Database (.sql file) into MySQL In-App.

If you haven’t already, review and install (link here) the WordPress Buddy+ Site Extension for Azure Web Apps. The steps below require MySQL In-App to be enabled.

Import Steps

  • From Kudu CMD console (<webappname>, browse to D:\home\SiteExtensions\WPBuddy\sqldumps\ folder.
  • From your desktop, drag and drop the .sql file into sqldumps folder
  • Launch WP Buddy+ Site Extension
  • Click on Migration
  • From the Menu, Select Import
  • Select the .SQL file from the drop-down. If the file you copied is not visible. Revisit step 2 and ensure the extension is .sql
  • Select the Database to Import To [For MySQL In-App, choose: (azuredb]
  • Click Start Import!

Once the import has finished, ensure the settings in wp-config.php is accurate for MySQL In-App.

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